About Us

What Our Name & Logo Say About Us?

     Narankaa..... Means Nine Colours !

Each color is different and has a meaningful association with different aspects of human lives.
If life is healthier and colorful, it would mean happiness all around.
At Narankaa Pharma our endeavor is about “MAKING LIVES HEALTHY and COLOURFUL”
Going ahead we choose a logo that would replicate the name and that's the reason of having a dancing peacock, means prosperity. Yes, along with our Healthcare Partners, we mean to bring Prosperity by Making Lives Healthy and Colourful.

Our Values

Through the character of our people and the excellence of our dedicated team, we will be the leading Pharmaceutical Company by providing our clients with quality and innovative solutions.


  • - At Narankaa Pharma, we conduct our business fairly, with transparency and highest ethical standards. Everything we do must stand the test of public scrutiny.


  • - At Narankaa Pharma, we are committed to provide highest Quality and Innovative Solutions that meets international standards.


  • - At Narankaa Pharma, we strive to understand and meet customer needs in a professional and responsive manner.
    - We focus on building long term partnerships for mutual benefit and take responsibility for delivering on our commitment.


  • - At Narankaa Pharma, we are caring, compassionate and respect our colleagues and people around the world, and always work for the benefit of the communities we serve.
    - We also, foster productive relationships with our colleagues and healthcare partners and work as ONE team to meet the SMART goals.
    - We are committed to the all-round development of our team, which in turn would add newer dimensions to the organization and the world around.


  • - At Narankaa Pharma, we constantly strive towards achieving the highest possible standards in our day-to-day work and also in the quality of services we provide.

Our Vision

-We are committed to provide highest Quality and innovative Solutions that meets international standards.

Our Mission

-We conduct our business fairly,with transparency and highest ethical standards, everything we do must stand the test or public scrutiny.

Corporate social responsibility(CSR) policy

Much before Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] had become a mandatory responsibility of Corporates, your Company had engaged in such activities form inception for improving the health of particularly economically backward communities like Scheduled Tribes and in the field of education.

Narankaa Pharma being a pharmaceutical company, is naturally inclined to improve the health of general public at large and the Company is well known for its Quality and Reliability.
As a Policy, the Company had identified Health, particularly preventive health care for Scheduled Tribes and Girl Child Empowerment (Education) as its main focus of CSR projects and initiatives.

The present CSR initiatives focuses on two main recognized activities mentioned in Schedule VII of the Companies Act, 2013, namely promoting preventive health care and promoting education.

Other endowments for promotion of education

Narankaa pharma has contributed 2% of profits for providing education to tribal girls in wada a small village just outside of Mumbai city. This endowment was made in the year 2015.

In adherence with the Companies Act, 2013 and as per the requirements of Section 135 of the said Act, and Rules made thereunder, the Board of Directors at its meeting held on April 4 2015 has set up the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee.

Environment, Health & Safety

Narankaa Pharma believes that sustainable development, in any environment, has to be a participatory process, with employees and local population, being the biggest stakeholder. We work closely with the local community to keep the air, water and land both safe and healthy.
We take active interest in the well-being of our employees and the local community and continue to make a valuable difference.
Narankaa Pharma plays a proactive role in minimizing pollution across in all the units. Our EHS policy is mentored by an in-house EHS organizational set-up. In our journey towards sustainability, the EHS team sets goals and benchmarks every year and works towards achieving them.